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It’s not about big clouds (even though we like them), it’s about providing a space for people new to vaping to learn what vaping is, and to be confident that the products they purchase are going to work. For everyone else, it’s about knowing that the people you’re putting your faith in are invested in the future of the industry.

For us, is an extension of the community, it’s your site and it’s going to be built based around trust, transparency, strict product standards and creating an environment where any smoker can find the answer.

Vaping itself is still not there, but now we need to take it to the mainstream more than ever, and reduce the number of smokers to levels previously unimaginable.

With that’s what we’re going to do, with this platform we can do more; more advocacy, more research, and convert more smokers to vaping.

To all of you, from all of us at – thank you and vape on!

Carlos Aragon, CEO

Our Customers Love Us

Very quickly the vaping products available to the public improved and the number of people switching from tobacco grew beyond our wildest dreams, but we’d still only scratched the surface of the potential.

It’s truly remarkable how many lives have been touched by those early pioneers, and how the fledgling industry has grown, in spite of everything that’s been thrown against us.



WHY ARE WE HERE? Our customers demanded flavors when there were none, demanded eliquid & refills when there were only sealed cartos and they invented the first mods.

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